News Update: state51 Collective Deal Revenue Cut Reduced to 9%


Good news everyone!

We’re reducing the cut of our Collective Deal to 9%

The change comes into effect for all revenue reported in April 2014 onwards.

If you’ve got any questions about our services, whether they relate to Digital Distribution, Physical Distribution, Publishing or Greedbag, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by e-mailing

Bright Light Bright Light Featured On MixRadio’s ‘One To Watch’


Bright Light Bright Light is the first artist to feature in MixRadio’s Ones To Watch series for 2014.

With his new EP “I Wish We Were Leaving” featuring Elton John out this week, he takes time out to tell MixRadio about the year ahead and why he has chosen the tracks in his ‘Artist Recommend Mix’, which is now available to listen to HERE.

“This year is about album two. It’s a great feeling having the second album ready to go, and being able to play new songs live and share them with people outside the studio! So there’s a lot of travel involved in this year, which is why making a mix of some of my favourite songs is such a nice exercise.

The mix I put together is a mix of moods for travel and time offstage on the road. Rhye’s ‘Open’ is the first song I listened to on my flight to NYC in March 2013 ready to spend a few months there recording my album, and ‘Home’ by Depeche Mode and ‘House’ by Kindness round off the theme of my trip – working out where I felt most at home, most inspired, and most balanced. What’s in-between is a little snapshot of my journey and some of the beautiful voices and landscapes that soundtracked a wonderful year in a city full of life and love – but not without its hardships!”

Audiojack – Machine Code

Audiojack return to their own Gruuv imprint with a four-track single entitled ‘Machine Code’, backed with remixes from Paul C & Paolo Martini, and Alexis Raphael.
Here we see Audiojack offer up some fresh original material, the first of which is title track ‘Machine Code’. The duo employ a production technique used in their critically acclaimed 2006 hit ‘Robot’ here, wherein every sound is generated by channeling the rhythmic elements through the same delay. The result is a gritty dance-floor focused cut, fuelled by glitchy effects, vigorous drum lines and baroque structural changes. Up next on the original material is ‘Indigo’, which sees the pair opt for a more refined, progressive groove this time, playing on vacillating background atmospherics, organic percussion and infectious bass licks.
On the flip side of the single we see two remixes offered up, the first of which is Paul C & Paolo Martini’s interpretation of ‘Machine Code’. The Italian duo turn in their signature up-tempo vibe with the mix, extracting snippets from the fray of the original and reshaping it into a bouncy and vibrant workout. Man of the moment Alexis Raphael then closes the single with his remix of ‘Indigo’. The Hot Creations / Jackathon Jams artist reworks the original track into a dynamic, groove-led number with gritty 909 rhythms and dubby resonant synth stabs driving the composition.
This is, as expected, superb new material from Audiojack and yet another first rate addition to the Gruuv catalogue.

Rmours – Rebels


London alt-pop duo RMOURS blipped onto the music radar with the catchy hooks and creative video they released for their debut track ‘Cash Machine’ late last year. The group, made up of Anne Freier and James Allman impressed then with their mix of pop smoothness and gracefully powerful vocals – a canny mix of Florence and The Machine and Feist.

With their new release ‘Rebels’ though, RMOURS take it up a significant gear: beginning with an already characteristic tone (such is the personality of Anne’s vocals) ‘Rebels’ bursts into a majestic, melodic drum & bass track that equals anything done this year by Wilkinson. Tempered by that coyness, it’s a glorious, driven thing of texture and layers.


New Album on The Leaf Label: Polar Bear – “In Each and Every One”



Over the last 10 years, Polar Bear have marked themselves out as one of the most exciting and progressive bands of their generation. Since receiving a Mercury Music Prize nomination for Held On The Tips Of Fingers in 2005, they have continued to innovate and transcend genre, connecting with jazz, rock, hip-hop, electronic and mainstream audiences alike.

In Each and Every One‘ is Polar Bear’s long-awaited 5th album, the group’s first since 2010’s hugely acclaimed ‘Peepers‘. It’s certainly their boldest and most dynamic work to date. A remarkable song cycle, offering an expansive arc across deep emotional terrain, it evokes a range of atmospheres: post-industrial scrub, grimy metropolitan house parties, snowy wastelands, dark mountain gatherings.

Perhaps the defining feature of ‘In Each and Every One‘ is space. The band seems to occupy a fixed point in a vast three-dimensional setting: an electronic abyss. At times the players evaporate in a swirling mass of digital distortion, before reappearing through the mist. Saxophonists Pete Wareham and Mark Lockheart together posses a broad emotional vocabulary, yet here they appear translucent, elusive. Bassist Tom Herbert is irresistible when he plays inside the groove, but does so only occasionally, giving these moments rare power.

       “The way we made this album is almost the opposite of the last record. I wanted for there to be a strong rhythmic drivethat propels it, and then sometimes for there to be the feeling of pure space. I wanted to change the roles this time too, and give everyone the most freedom ever. We hardly listened to anything in the studio as I didn’t want us to analyse what we were playing, just use our instincts.”

Rumour has it that this time Polar Bear drummer and bandleader Rochford asked electronics wizard Leafcutter John to provide the beats, while Seb himself played percussion around the edges, which may point to the source of the album’s power. There aren’t many drummer-bandleaders out there per se, even fewer willing to occupy the shadows. But there’s no mistaking Rochford’s compositional influence, nor his brooding and irrepressibly soulful playing.

For the first time, Seb produced and mixed the album himself, allowing him to express exactly the dramatic and joyful sounds he hears in his head.

       The experience of making music with these people and doing things like The Takeaway has made it clearer to me in the last year how I can be myself as a producer and trust that there are no rules, just different perspectives.

In Each and Every One‘ is not just another Polar Bear record. It’s a new direction for one of the most thrilling and influential bands of the last decade.

Available from: iTunes | Amazon | Google Play | 7digital