Great Pagans – Cupid In Error [Anti-Ghost Moon Ray]


Great PagansCupid In Error

Digital Out Now on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray

CD & LP Out Soon


Great Pagans draw from a love of 80’s underground indie, heard through a hazy dream, hinting at the experimental pop of Talking Heads and David Bowie. Painter’s wistful vocals conjure the yearning of The Smiths and The Sundays whilst the band’s restrained boisterous moments invoke the cathartic noise of The Pixies and Sonic Youth.

Cupid In Error’ is the anticipated debut album from Great Pagans and follows up from their highly-praised self-titled EP. The album documents the end of a long relationship and the ageless, echoing vibrations that come with it. The recording of the album reasserts their DIY philosophy, taking place in a variety of makeshift spaces, including churches and cluttered basements, being mixed between Brighton and Vancouver, Canada.

Drawing their name from a well-thumbed copy of Dante’s Inferno, Great Pagans’ music often echoes the limbo state of their Purgatorial namesakes – a state between joy and melancholy, a comforting sadness.

Forming in 2012 around the songwriting of front man Alex Painter, Great Pagans are part of the highly creative Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective/label based in Brighton, UK.

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Cud – Victoria

From the late 80′s through mid 90′s, CUD had a manic, almost slathering, most fanatical following. In 2007 the band returned, their audience just as fanatical as before, but now with better paid jobs and kids. 2013 saw the band’s original song-writing team reunited, and the “single of the week” Louise released. Now, CUD have another new release primed for consumption. Still arch CUD, but also so deliciously stomptastic that it cannot be stopped in its insinuation into the lives of any that hear it.

Victoria” is a little Sweet, a smidgeon Glitter Band, a dash Sparks, served in an Indie Hi-Ball, with a cherry!!! It’s a party celebrating the end of the worst of times. “A mixtape that we sent to everyone we felt equally elated as us”.

On the flip we have “Superstar” a timely tribute to one of CUD’s heroes, Fred from Les Rita Mitsouko. The lyrics something of a first; a streetmap across Paris, and “Justin O’Shea Situation”, a none to gentle swipe at a real-life “Zoolander” and (sadly) modern day icon.

Recording and tape operation is by Matt formerly of HONKY.


Cud will be doing a short UK tour, on the following dates:

24/10 – YORK Fibbers: Live Music Venue
25/10 – BIRMINGHAM The Flapper
30/10 – LONDON Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (playing all of “When In Rome
Kill Me”)
31/10 – LONDON Hoxton Square (playing all of “Leggy Mambo”)
01/11 – MANCHESTER The Ruby Lounge

Riddim Commission feat. Eve – WWYS (Why Would You Stop)

I feel rejuvenated, like a brand new artist.”  A surprising admission from Eve, the Grammy-award winning musician who’s racked up an impressive list of hits – Let Me Blow Ya Mind, Gangsta Lovin’, Who’s that Girl, Satisfaction, Tambourine – alongside several multi-million selling albums, her own clothing line and a filmography that includes blockbusters such as Barbershop and TV triumph Glee.

Following a move to London with her now husband – the British entrepreneur and founder of the Gumball 3000, Mr. Maximillion Cooper – the newly-wed, Philly native linked with London production & DJ duo Riddim Commission, aka Marco Del Horno and DJ Swerve.

The duo, who are no strangers to working with female rappers, having recently gained notoriety for their stunning, official rework of Iggy Azalea’s smash hit Fancy, are famed for their infectious and inimitable hybrid of House & Grime.  On WWYS (Why Would You Stop), Eve’s first release this year, the legendary rapper dips her toe into the world of electronic music for the first time and the results are simply spectacular.  Eve. is. back.

She’s a progressive artist, she knows what’s hot and she’s willing to explore and take risks,” explains DJ Swerve, one half of Riddim Commission.

WWYS (Why Would You Stop) by Riddim Commission, feat. Eve is now available on iTunes, including remixes from Crookers, R3ll, Billy Kenny and Taiki Nulight.


“I’ve never heard Eve do anything like this, but as soon as you hear WWYS, you’re like ‘Why WEREN’T you doing this?!’  Eve, if you’re listening, get back in the studio with the Riddim Commission boys and make more!” - MISTAJAM, BBC RADIO 1XTRA

“Riddim Commission – when these guys join forces, they make anthems.” - MISTAJAM (BBC RADIO 1)

“Things are looking bright for you thanks to Riddim Commission. Welcome our new British overlords.” - THUMP 

“Everytime I’m sent a Riddim Commission track I’m rushing to open it up, because I just know it’s going to be a banger!” - TARGET (BBC RADIO 1)

“Huge tunes that explode through your stereo & shake your eardrums to the core.” - HATTIE COLLINS (i-D)

“The supergroup’s beat amalgamates elements of grime, house, jungle & bashment dancehall. Badass!” - MTV

“Another murky grime weapon that’s jagged and harsh. Awesome!” - MIXMAG

Alexia Coley – Keep the Faith [Jalapeno Records]

Keep the Faith

Alexia Coley – Keep the Faith

Formats: CD and Digital

Label: Jalapeno Records

Release Date: 6th October 2014

Debut album Keep the Faith announces Alexia Coley to the world as one of the next great voices in Soul and Jazz.

2014 has already seen Alexia release three singles on limited edition 7” vinyl: Drive Me Wild, Beautiful Waste of Time and Something’s Going Down and having brought her music to the attention of BBC6 Music, Radio 2 and BBC London all feature on the album.

With a classic soul and jazz vibe mixed with the sassy edge of a girl who has seen what effect modern day London has on people, her songs are timeless yet relatable to young people. She can just as often be found sandwiched between a rapper and a DJ on the bill as a line-up of jazz players at Ronnie Scotts.

The album is simultaneously filled with goose-bump rendering heart-break and joyous, soulful dance.

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Atari Teenage Riot – Modern Liars [Digital Hardcore Recordings]


Atari Teenage Riot – Modern Liars

Formats: Digital

Label: Digital Hardcore Recordings

Release Date: 6th October 2014

Featuring Remixes by Klaxons, Fuck Buttons and Andrew Weatherall!

Like a machine gun stuttering out the beginning of an urgent message in Morse code Modern Liars’ opening salvo warns of how our putative democratic guardians plan to steal our dreams.

The lyrics of Modern Liars caution us that acquiescence is not an option – but don’t leave it to anyone else; it’s your life and your responsibility.

The anthemic chorus of Modern Liars trumpets the freedom offered by the modern world. Despite the best efforts of the hegemonies, the computational power with which they attempt to shape and control society is also a means of resistance and salvation… Just take it!

The band commissioned a video which undermines the deceptive gloss of modern society and exposes its dank corrupt underbelly. Multi award-winning film maker Rob McLellan takes the heart-quickening surges and reflective passages of the song and twisting the clichéd motifs of the video game in some imagined future world, weaves a tale about the price of fame.

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City Reign – When You Got It All (Live) [Car Boot Records]


City Reign – When You Got It All (Live)

Formats: Digital

Label: Car Boot Records

Release date: 22nd September 2014

How do you measure success? After bursting onto the scene with their debut album ‘Another Step’, City Reign enjoyed support from the likes of Steve Lamacq, Clash Magazine and This Is Fake DIY.

This left the band with the unenviable task of writing a follow up. They had spent 4 years writing the first one, could they come back with something new? Something better?

The new single blows any doubts out of the water, all clatter and excitement that can only be the mark a band still fizzing with creativity and ideas.

Few bands Since The National’s early records have combined such introspection and sometimes brutal self-assessment with the energy and vitality that City Reign are fast carving out as their hallmark.

Nowhere is this collision of ideas more apparent than on this track, in which the band embarks on a part daydream, part crushingly real portrayal of the daily grind. All against the backdrop of guitar fuzz, clatter and excitement that can only be the mark a band pushing each other to their limits.

It’s this tension that makes this next phase such an exciting chapter in the City Reign story.

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Listening Center – Other Voices 02 [Ghost Box Records]


Listening Center – Other Voices 02

Formats: 7″ Vinyl / Digital

Label: Ghost Box Records

Release Date: 17th September 2014

NYC’s Listening Center return to Ghost Box with another 45. The second in the Other Voices series, in which David Mason puts his analogue electronics to work on two powerfully melodic pieces. Drawing on the classic library-esque, music for schools and colleges sounds that inspired Ghost Box at its very beginnings.

The state51 Conspiracy are handling physical distribution for Listening Center – Other Voices 02. If you are a record store and would like to place an order, please send an email to

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