Shinies- ‘Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere’ [Dirty Bingo Records]



‘Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere’

LP released 2 February 2015 on Dirty Bingo

Distributed by The state51 Conspiracy

The band’s lo-fi ambience and energy continues to grow along with a songwriting skill that references some of the left-field greats of the last three decades” – Line Of Best Fit

“In a time when UK guitar music is pretty much flat on it’s arse, Shinies are a twinkling star of hope” – Crack In The Road

“Melodic noise-pop”  – The 405

Back in 2012 Shinies broke through in a way they never would have imagined was possible. ‘A long way from the Fun House: Pat Sharp gets ‘beaten up and burned alive’ for music video’ read the headline in the Daily Mail. An attack on nostalgia and childlike innocence, the Manchester based four piece kidnapped and toyed with everyone’s favourite mullet sporting early 90s TV idol in their video for ‘Ennui’, eventually setting him adrift upon a burning raft of fire. Shinies don’t do things by halves.


After a series of singles and an EP on up-and-coming label Dirty Bingo, who were the first to bring Novella and Women’s Hour to the fore, the boys return with their long awaited debut album ‘Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere’, a line borrowed from Philip Larkin’s famous poem ‘I Remember, I Remember’. Nostalgia, memory, confusion and regret are themes that run deep throughout the Shinies catalogue so it’s no surprise that such a title was chosen. The sunrise through squinted eyes drifty narrative of Larkin’s key poem is the perfect backdrop to the swells and swirls of their impressive shoegaze-pop debut long play.


They’ve come a long way since their initial late night jams in a Manchester basement back in 2011. The DIY spirit remains but is crafted, executed and expressed better than ever before. MJ of Hookworms produced, and his stamp is understated but important, threading together narrative, a journey. This is more than just a collection of songs. It’s an etching. The story of our every day struggle for expression, for freedom, set against the monotonous hum of our zero hour contract inner city jobs.


Singer and guitar player Adam Davison’s effortless pop melodies drive the LP forward. Title track ’Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere’ begins with the characteristic soft swell of Ric Stringer’s guitar work but unfurls surprisingly, reminding us just why we fell in love with Shinies in the first place. With the two sharing vocals throughout the record, Tom Haben on drums and Joe Fisher on bass complete the line-up. Elsewhere on the record, the lo-fi surfy ‘Beached’ screeches and screams along its rickety iron tracks and ‘6s & 7s’ shows the group breaking new ground. With its slower groove and laid bare vocal, it’s reminiscent of Yo La Tengo and Connan Mockasin, suggesting future directions.


In a time of struggle and nostalgia for a time that never was, Shinies remind us to keep our heads down and carry on.

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Ambassadeurs – Forever (Lost Tribe Records)


Ambassadeurs – Forever

Format: Digital

Label: Lost Tribe Records

Release Date: 5th Jan 2015

Ambassadeurs drops a three track EP, following UK and European tour shows alongside Odesza, Slow Magic, Craft Spells, DJ Paypal, and Lindsay Lowend.

With previous support slots for Danny Brown, Machinedrum, and Gold Panda, under his belt, Ambassadeurs recently completed his debut US live tour with a 30 date support stint for Odesza, followed by festival performances alongside some of electronic music’s biggest names at LA’s Hard Day Of The Dead and the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. The Odesza tour saw Mark play his live electronic show across the US and Canada, playing to sold out 1500 – 2000 capacity venues each night.

Having released two EP’s on Pilot Records (a label started by UKF’s Luke Hood), the EP will be released on his own Lost Tribe imprint – a label which has already been supported by the likes of Vice / Thump, XLR8R and Clash.

Splitting his time between studio sessions and field trips to London and the British south coast to collect found sounds for his productions, Ambassadeurs is fast emerging as a British counterpoint to artists such as Salva and XXYYXX. Ambassadeurs’ leftfield, bass-heavy electronic music is fast making a name for the young Brighton-based producer, with wider support from XLR8R, Noisey, Mixmag, This Is Fake DIY and beyond, plus remixes for labels such as Tru Thoughts, Ninja Tune, Moshi Moshi, Fat Cat, Wah Wah 45s and others.

Ambassadeurs (aka Mark Dobson) started out learning his craft on an 8-bit Amiga computer, wrestling with the notoriously tricky Octamed while the rest of us were playing Lemmings. After the requisite teenage years in psychedelic rock bands, he upgraded to Logic and began working with electronic instruments, getting inside the machinery to make them sound the way he wanted. Taking cues from dub, hip-hop, bass and jazz, but sounding like none of these genres, Ambassadeurs’ sound is hard to pigeonhole. His distinctive style can be attributed to a Tobin-like love for turning found sounds into samples and processing them beyond recognition – creating music as unique as his talent.



Joyce Moreno – Raiz – Far Out Recordings


Far Out will be starting the new year with the latest offering from the legendary Joyce Moreno.

RAIZ marks fifty years of Joyce’s imperative involvement in Brazil’s rich musical heritage: paying tribute to some of the beautiful Brazilian standards she was listening to around the time she first stepped foot in a recording studio. Joyce’s insurmountable talent and unfaltering grace shine as bright as ever on this landmark record.

This is an album not to be missed but you can pre-order it now on iTunes and via the Far Out Store

Introducing The state51 Conspiracy Record Label

Introducing The state51 Conspiracy Record Label

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Top Gift Ideas for Christmas from Greedbag

Top Musical Gift Ideas for Christmas From Greedbag

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Here’s our selection of festive gift ideas for your loved ones.

For the Film Lover

Terminator 2: Judgement Day Soundtrack (Double 12″ Vinyl)

Dun-dun dun, dun-DUN DUN! Brad Fiedel’s soundtrack for Terminator 2 is an absolute classic, and luckily enough Silva Screen agrees and have released a Double Vinyl LP. Click the image below!


Price: £22.99

From: Silva Screen Records

For the Outdoors Lover

Caught by the River Store

A fascinating store that you can spend hours browsing through various curios including badgesets on birds, books on fishing, maps on pubs, art prints, music and more.


From: Caught by the River

For the Trendy One That Likes Being Ahead of the Crowd

The Advisory Circle – From Out Here (LP & CD)

This is the sound of another world. An audio science-fiction story written with retro-futuristic computers. It’s an absolutely enveloping experience.19992587800054

Price: CD £11.45 LP £14.95

From: Ghost Box Records

For the Dark, Industrial One

TGV – 7 Disc DVD Boxset

Throbbing Gristle are seen as the pioneers of Industrial Music. This 7 Disc DVD Boxset is absolutely a must-have piece of musical history.


Price: £70

From: Industrial Records


For the Peculiar friend

Anklepants – Speak you Little Re-Facéé (12″ LP)

Anklepants is going to be big in 2015, with a debut album imminent, and a massive US tour announced, expect to see him making headlines. Yes he has a penis on his face, and strangely enough his music is brilliant.


Price: £5

From: Love Love Records

For the Fashionable One

Owler Pouch

A collaboration between Mark James and Pete Fowler sees this beautiful handmade, 100% leather pouch released on the Greedbag store. Limited to only 45. They make an awesome and unique gift.


Price: £50

From: Playbeast aka Pete Fowler

For the Art & Design Student

Helvetica DVD

A documentary about type sounds boring right? How about a documentary about just ONE font-type? Amazingly, this is one of the most fascinating design documentaries released in the last decade. Honestly, give it 5 minutes and you’ll be hooked!


Price: £15

From: Plexi Film

For the Serious Record Collector

Original Peter Classic Record Bag

Quite simply the best record bag in the world. Beautiful, classical, eye-catching, simple and practical.


Price: £199

From: Original Peter

For the One That Stays Out All Night

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92 (12″ LP and CD)

Nothing more needs to be said. Aphex Twin on Vinyl. A simple must have.


Price: CD: £9.99 LP: £15.99

From: R&S Records

For the Indie Music Lover

Guillemots – Get Over It – Signed 7″ Picture Disc

BRIT nominated rockers Guillemots write amazing records, and their store is chock full of singed things! Well worth a look!19430107030054

Price: £5

From: The Guillemots Emporium of Fine Things

For the Tricky Lover

Tricky – Adrian Thaws (CD and LP)

The latest album from one of music’s more unpredictable characters. Adrian Thaws is a vivid, attention-grabbing set of songs which roamfrom hip hop to house, jazz to blues, rock to reggae.


Price: Double LP £19.99

From: !K7 Records

For the Clubbing Lover

Coolicon – CTI (Ltd. Ed. Green 10″ Vinyl)

Carter Tutti’s first single in more than 15 years…


Price: £8.60

From: CTI / Carter Tutti

For the Funky Friend

Last Man On Earth – Big Boss Man (CD and LP)

The long awaited follow up to 2010’s Full English Beat Breakfast, ‘Last Man On Earth’ is Big Boss Man’s 4th album. The British four piece return with a new set of songs and recordings that take a fresh approach to the BBM sound; now with the added dimension of a brass section and guest vocalists – taking us on a one heck of a brand new trip!

Limited number even come with a signed postcard!


Price: CD: £9.99 LP: £15.99

From: Blow Up Records

For the COASTS fan

Paradise – Coasts (12″ Vinyl)

Coasts just signed a deal with a major. They are going to be getting bigger and bigger over the next year. Get in quick and grab the Limited EP before it’s all gone!


Price: £7.99

From: Tidal Records

For the Inappropriate One

The Devil Wears Tee Shirts

What happens when you cross satanic imagery with retro Disney T-shirts. Well, quite simply put, you get this.


Price: £24.99

From: The Devil Wears Tee Shirts

For the One Who’s All About Nostalgia

The Art of Smallfilms

Smallfilms created Noggin The Nog, Bagpuss, The Clangers, Ivor the Engine, Pogles Wood and more besides. This book examines the exceptionally large archives kept by Firmin and the Postgate family, and reveals the exquisite models, puppets, drawings, painting, scripts, machinery and ideas that brought some of the most charming ideas for children’s TV to life.


Price: £22

From: Trunk Records

For the Punk

Damaged Goods T-Shirt

One of Punk’s greatest DIY labels are still going strong. Show them some respect with this lovely piece of black cloth.20077736590054

Price: £9.99

From: Damaged Good

For the World Music / Disco Lover

The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra

A two-disc release featuring an absolute wealth of talent from Brazilian music. Absolutely immaculate.


Price: CD £9.99 LP £14.99

From: Far Out Records

For the Serious Music Fan

Polar Bear – In Each and Every One (CD and LP)

This latest album from Polar Bear saw them nominated for the Mercury Prize.


Price: LP £14.99 CD £8.99

From: The Leaf Label

Giant Chinese Hedgehog Invades the UK – With New Single

New Hedgehog Single!

Having recently signed a deal with London label Disorder Recordings, Beijing Indie-Rock band Hedgehog have their first single released in the UK on Monday 1st December.

Heart On Fire / DDDreaMMM

The Double A-Side features their trademark sound of noisy, anthemic, crunching guitars, mixed with The Cure-esque bass lines and dreamy that is quite frankly brilliant.


Why you should listen to Hedgehog:

*Hedgehog are a band that regularly sell out to crowds of thousands. Why? Listen to the music to find out for yourself.

*Impress your friends by saying you know an awesome Chinese band when they probably don’t.

*They fully embrace the DIY ethic. Making their own music videos, recording music themselves and just generally keeping it real.

*They have awesome names: Zo, Atom and Fun.

Hedgehog on Basketball Hoop

Download the Single from: iTunes | Amazon

The Advisory Circle – From Out Here – Ghost Box Records


Artist: The Advisory Circle

Title: From Out Here

Cat No: GBX021CD / GBX021LP

Formats: 12″ Vinyl / CD

Release Date: 5th December 2014


CONCEPT: On this new album for Ghost Box RecordsThe Advisory Circle (aka Jon Brooks) explores darker territory than on 2012’s more pastoral As The Crow Flies. This time Brooks hints at a Wyndham-esque science fiction story, where bucolic English scenery is being manipulated and maybe even artificially generated by bizarre multi-dimensional computer technology.

SOUND: Brooks’ strong sense of melody and composition is still evident as are his renowned sound design and production skills. Consequently the album is a rich and rewarding experience that subtly showcases a wealth of musical experience. The usual analogue synth sound palette is augmented with found-sound from antique tape reels and Brooks’ ever growing tangle of home built electronics.

BIOG: The Advisory Circle is one of the core acts of the Ghost Box collective. Originally inspired by library music and the sound-world of British public information films, Jon Brooks has developed this aesthetic through four albums over a period of nine years. During that time he’s also released a wealth of material under his own name (and as Georges Vert) on several other labels. His mixing and mastering skills are much sought after and he is responsible for some of the more challenging sonic restoration work for the re-issue label, Trunk Records.

The state51 Conspiracy are handling physical distribution for The Advisory Circle – From Out Here. If you are a record store and would like to place an order, please send an email to

To view the state51 physical distribution catalogue, click here.